Dam & Partners Architecten is an Amsterdam-based, renowned architectural firm led by Cees Dam and Diederik Dam. Its portfolio comprises a wide range of projects differing in both nature and scale:  from complex urban developments, theatres, town halls and hotels to luxurious residential buildings and villas, interiors and furniture.
To Dam & Partners, successful buildings are ones that provide room for personal expression and interpretation and exhibit an intrinsic poetry, flexibility and ‘sense of abundance’ that provides the freedom to use and perceive space according to one’s own needs and insights. Commitment, freedom, comfort: it is all at the heart of Dam & Partners’ work.



What is good architecture? The answer is as complex as the question is simple. With pluriformity in opinions steadily growing, the relative nature of viewpoints increased. This issue presents itself in countless discourses, and notably when the subject of the quality of architecture comes up.


Comfort cannot be expressed in measurable units; it is a subtle interplay of space, materials, light, sounds and smells that is perceived as pleasant. Achieving comfort demands an ongoing investment in actually looking – not only at people and architecture – but also at art, theatre and ballet.
This is how the architect develops the essential experience and intuition needed to have comfort become a pervasive and integrated element in his designs.

EPO new main

Agnietenhof Theatre


Architecture is memory. Architecture cannot be seen as separate from its own history, in the same way that people cannot exist without a personal and collective history. Since its founding in 1962, our firm has sought to create architecture that serves people. At the same time, we want to elicit delight and amazement. The challenge is to create designs that are ‘bearers’ of a memory, but in a contemporary manner. This way, tradition becomes adventure.