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Photos: Mathieu van Ek

Clubhouse Rugbyclub RFC Haarlem

The new clubhouse of Rugbyclub RFC Haarlem is a solid volume with an open relationship to the environment. The building is inspired by the allure of English clubhouses and refers to a sport full of tradition and solidarity. The power and subtle individuality of the design lies in its simplicity and surprising clarity. This is reflected in the details, the materialization and the strong relationship between inside and outside. The elongated building is positioned parallel to the long axis of the main field and is actually sited on the field. The connection between the playing field and the spectators is hereby strengthened. The clubhouse offers a clear view over the field, in line with the nature of a sports park, embedded in green.

The clubhouse is made of wood, bamboo and concrete. It consists of two levels with a clear, simple main shape where the canopy dominates with a slightly sloping roof. The canopy consists of two sloping parts placed in the opposite direction, creating a spatial play between the roof surfaces. With the direction of the roof, a primary gesture has been made towards the field and creates a connection with it. Although robust, the volume gives a refined image due to the layering of the used facade material: bamboo. The robustness of the building is synonymous with the robustness of the sport.

On the lower floor, the changing rooms, a room for strength training and a tribune under which the material and physiotherapy room are located. The canteen is situated on the first floor and consists of a large, open space. This space is surrounded by a covered terrace, which seamlessly turns into the tribune. The tribune thus forms a direct transition from the field to the canteen. Here again, the guiding principle for the design recurs, the contact between the viewer and the rugby game, the connection with the pitch, the smell, the sound.

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