De Maastoren




OVG Projectonwikkeling B.V., Rotterdam






Offices, Public parking

Photos: Luuk Kramer, Jan Paul Mioulet, Mathieu van Ek, Rob Hoekstra

De Maastoren

With a height of 165m the Maastoren forms the apex of the Kop van Zuid district. The location is unique: on south bank of the Maas river where the Erasmus Bridge touches land, on an interchange of public transport and at an intersection of three roads. The two directions delimitating this plot define the contour of the office tower and its change of shape on the way up. The base of the building is a anthracite-coloured basalt plinth that rises from the water like a pier. The facades above the basalt base feature an aluminium skin, with the high tower’s colour changing from charcoal to silvery white as it ascends. The monochrome lower segment is in keeping with the adjacent row of buildings. A glass crystal-shaped volume that accommodates reception spaces lies on the waterfront at the base of the building. The central entrance on Laan op Zuid has a prominent folded glass porch. An ascending ramp through the centre of the lobby lends access to a ten-storey public car park on the second floor. From the thirteenth storey on, the actual office building begins with 17 floors in both towers. An additional 15 floors continue in the highest section, that ends in a 7 meter high board room on the 45th floor, with a panoramic view of the Maas River.

One of the many innovative features of the overall concept is the intelligent use of the proximity of the river Maas. Along with water circulated by ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), the river’s abundant water supply is sufficient to operate the buildings’ fire sprinklers and climate control systems. During the winter, the Maas Tower utilizes the water to heat the building. In summer, the system reverses itself to cooling by pulling heat from the building and storing it in the ground. Because of lingering after effects, the system is always ready for use, delivering cooling and heating services on demand – even in spring or fall. The imaginative and sustainable energy plan, particularly the utilization of thermal energy provided by the river Maas, was immediately noticed. The Maas Tower was awarded ‘De Vernufteling’, the most prestigious award available to Dutch engineers.

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