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Hanzehof Theatre

The Hanzehof Theatre in Zutphen (1977) was a kasbah-type building accessed by three different entrances that, though situated in a beautiful park, bore hardly any relation to its surroundings. Compelled by a lack of space – only small-scale performances could be given – the municipality of Zutphen and the theatre decided in 2002 to modernize and optimize the existing theatre building. They settled for demolition and new construction of the theatre space and the fly tower and a substantial overhaul of the interior that resulted in a festive new foyer and restored relations between the building and its surroundings.

The new stage tower is not only larger, but now also has a metal framework crown that provides an interesting silhouette from the outside. The new main entrance is located on the ground floor. Inside, the original brown stone walls have been maintained. The outer wall of the new theatre hall is entirely in white and therefore easily recognizable within the building. A majestic blue staircase leads to the balconies. Inside the theatre space two worlds meet, the visitor’s world and the artist’s world, represented by the colours red and black: the visitor enters a red world that fades through hues of brown into a black section near the stage. New round balconies give this rectangular room an intimate character. The new theatre hall has room for 555 seats, 130 more than before.

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