HB Capital / Peak Development


2020 (plan)




housing, retail, social facilities


The plot of Oblique is ideal for densification of the high-rise cluster. Replacing the parking lot with high-quality facilities, together with sustainable homes, boosts the Kostverlorenhof shopping center. These residences would be for starters on the housing market, as well as for vital senior citizens because of the accessibility and facilities in the shopping center.

In the current situation, the plot, mostly surrounded by monotonous apartment blocks, makes the area less attractive for new shops and residences. This proposition improves the overal quality of the neighborhood by adding more green to the public space, introducing clearer axes and making the shopping mall more accessible. The plinth, which is primarily constructed of wood, grants access to the supermarket on the ground floor, a bicycle storage and underground parking garage.

From the street, there are two staircases that lead to the public green roof on the first floor with an urban farming area and access to the 18-story residential tower. Besides 99 apartments, the tower houses a daycare center, yoga studio and social facilities for residents. The building is designed for minimal energy consumption and the most favorably positioned facades are partly covered with first-rate orange solar panels. The slender volume of the tower tapers towards the top to create an elegant silhouet that stands out from its surroundings.

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