Robeco Weena Boulevard




LSI Project Investment nv, Rotterdam


2011 (plan)




Offices, Commercial

Robeco Weena Boulevard

Being developed in the heart of the Central District (the area surrounding the new Rotterdam Central Station) is Weena Boulevard, a business district with a mix of retail and hospitality outlets, public amenities and parking space. It is also situated on the natural pedestrian route to Coolsingel and Lijnbaan, the centre of Rotterdam. And right in the middle of Weena Boulevard the proposed Robeco Building as part of a stacked high-rise concept.

With its entrance in the street level facade, the new Robeco office space starts at the 12th floor and extends upward to the roof gardens located above the 19th floor. This makes the Robeco office the ‘mid-rise’ of Weena Boulevard since it rests on a sturdy base of two office volumes. Together, they form a large ‘gateway’ over the boulevard. The high-rise element to the south crowns the building complex at a height of approximately 120 metres. On the highest floor, with double the ceiling height, the high-rise element provides external conference facilities.

From the outside, the Robeco Building looks like a transparent volume with a façade made from glass and diagonals. Larger diagonals around 3 floors tall create a gleaming white net around the building. Its elevation provides the Robeco office with views to the scenic public space on Weena Boulevard, the entire Central District and, at a larger scale, the skyline of Rotterdam. Meandering through the centre of all the floors is a cascade of small open spaces. These ‘rooms’ extend throughout a number of floors and provide not only daylight access but also act as a green lung throughout the building. Connected vertically with one another, they create a link from roof garden to street level by means of a glass floor at the 12th floor.

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