Taipei Performing Arts Centre


Taipei, Taiwan


Taipei City Government, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei


2008 (plan)




Opera, Commercial

Taipei Performing Arts Centre

The uncommon beauty of the Taiwanese landscape, with its mountains, crevices and bays, was a source of inspiration for the design of the Taipei opera building. The famous Tarokko crevice, for instance, was translated into a highly uneven promenade leading to the public space at the heart of the building. This lends access to the central foyer situated higher up, with full-grown trees that naturally continue the greenery of the hilly surroundings. In its turn, the central foyer lends access to the foyers located on the exterior of the three theatre spaces. The glassy theatre volumes appear to float over the street level like clouds, covered by an imposing red roof – rumpled, paper thin – with ample eaves.

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