VDM 18








start construction Q3 2024


creative offices, co-working

VDM 18

Along the Duivendechtsevaart and in the heart of Amstel Business Park Zuid lies VDM 18: a future-proof creative business building that is designed to optimally facilitate the user in a changing context.

The design aims for the most efficient solution within the boundaries of the zoning plan where autonomy in terms of daylight and accessibility are the driving factors. The result is therefore a variety of ‘pavilions’ that have been offset from each other, creating spacious green light courts on the longitudinal sides of the building. A inner street perpendicular to the Van der Madeweg offers, in addition to access to two entrances, the possibility of reaching the quay along the Duivendrechtsevaart. To offer recreational use of the quay and future public connections to the neighboring plots the last meters of the volume are lifted. The roof offers space for two large green living areas for users as well as space for solar panels.

The strong orthogonal structure of the building is also expressed in the façade in which large opening in stacked concrete frames accentuate the rhythm of the building configuration. Recessed windows and pushed back roof edges enhance this image. The street and river facing facades are the exception and create the recognizable ‘face’ of VDM 18. A three-dimensional corten steel structure makes for a fitting expression between the wide and anonymous industrial halls on the Van Der Madeweg and Duivendrechtsevaart. A coffee bar and/or co-working spaces in the plinth further enhances the public character.

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