Oostelijke Vechtplassen


Stichting Icoon Oostelijke Vechtplassen


2018 (plan)




Leisure, Culture


This plan was submitted for a competition hosted by the Stichting Icoon Oostelijke Vechtplassen, who were seeking an iconic design to give new meaning to the lake area that celebrates innovation, leisure, culture and the beauty of nature.

The icon presented by Dam & Partners Architecten shows the significance of the stratification of the landscape, the history of the river Drecht as well as the current zeitgeist that lead to an object where culture, sustainability, architecture, nature and people come together. It also imagines the improved quality of the water: a piece of the lake is purified with a helophyte filter for people as well as flora and fauna to enjoy. The water, which is the literal center of the icon, shows what the quality of the Loosdrechtse Plassen could be like.

The object is built up from a concrete natural swimming pool with a diameter of 50 meters, bordered by a green filter. A multifunctional deck with a diameter of 75 meters is attached around the bassin. Above this, a steel structure swings through the air up to a height of 15 meters. This is more than just an eye-catcher: a staircase leads to a viewpoint at the top of the structure, from where visitors are able to view all the lakes and understand the cohesion and morphology of the landscape.

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