Bloemendaal Residence











Photography: Luuk Kramer

Bloemendaal Residence

This project involves a redesign of an existing house, leaving its load-bearing structures intact as much as possible whilst preserving its characteristic features. The interior is organized in such a way that pleasant living areas are designed and natural walking and sightlines are created. The connection between inside and outside is improved by breaking open the kitchen and a specific layout in the design of the garden.

The existing kitchen has become larger and can now really function as a kitchen diner with an open relationship to the backyard. The location of the swimming pool creates the reflection of daylight through the high windows, which gives a spatial experience of the interior space.

The modern and contemporary interior is characterized by the quality of the attractive living areas with their functional spaciousness. A series of intimate spaces and places offer peace, shelter and intimacy. The spiral staircase from the kitchen diner to the sleeping quarters provides a visually connecting element.

The choice of materials for the interior is largely formed by natural materials. The white-grey terrazzo floor with natural stone inlay was inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpa and is finished with wooden skirting boards. The kitchen worktop is made of marble and emphasizes the timeless character of the interior.

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