Individual spaces in a building are interrelated, but they also have a relationship with their immediate surroundings and with the city as a whole. In a figurative sense, an interior also has a relationship with the cultural domain. This is expressed most clearly in public buildings. It is precisely there that an interior is a meeting place in which people’s experiences are formed and expressed.

Based on an interest that extends beyond our own field, Dam & Partners Architecten design urban interiors that are alive: from the Muziektheater and Hotel de L’Europe to restaurants such as Le Garage and En Pluche.

Cees Dam: “In a wonderful and breath-taking way, an interior can be a combination of different worlds – sometimes clashing, and sometimes caught in a more gradual transition. It is never enough to treat rooms separately. The real value actually lies in the overall cohesion of rooms and a contrast in perceptions.”

bar à manger

A Contemporary addition for the arts

Co-Living for Families

Urban living on former Docklands

Elevated living

Life Science & Technology Configuration

Timber Pavillion

A cultural link between park & city

transparant office addition and interior design