We have a long tradition of designing residential buildings. A place to live, be it a private house, social housing or a private sector rental, touches all the core values of our profession: creating a place in which to feel at home, a place that fosters amazement as well as calm.

Developing a healthy connection with our clients is always a must, but is particularly true with residential projects. Every commission for a residential building has its own dynamics. We assist our clients, easing any worries they may have during the building process, and we see challenges in every commission we accept. Besides newly built homes, this may be for building extensions or alterations, or renovation work on listed buildings.

Depending on the type of commission, an overall design is made and then elaborated in the bureau. The client is actively assisted and supported all the way to delivery, and even beyond.  Many years’ experience also ensures that we are able to engage reliable partners for specialist work on a project.

Sustainable Retreat & Guesthouses

Co-Living for Families

Urban living on former Docklands

Mix-use cluster on the Amstel

Connecting life & work

Green Living

Elevated living

Elegant, Residential Composition

scenic residential ensemble

residential tower on the quay

blend of interior and exterior