We advise clients with regard to their work environment. From the very first initiative, careful consideration is given to workplace concepts for today and tomorrow, but always in keeping with the client’s business culture.

It goes without saying that an optimum work environment should be created in any building, from a small-scale studio to a multi-tenant office building. The most important aspect of any workplace is ease of use and a measure of comfort. Moreover, logistics and spatial quality of the interior complement the building.

Dam & Partners Architecten regard each assignment as a new opportunity to create timeless interiors that are both recognisable and understated. Our designs are assessed by reputable consultancies – e.g.  in terms of accessibility, and to see that strict workplace requirements are met.

Low-Carbon, Timber Office Pavillion

Creative hub

Timber High-Rise

Sustainable Research Laboratories

Connecting life & work

Life Science & Technology Configuration

Timber Pavillion

sculpted high end offices and short-stay

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