Urban Habitat

Any building, whether it is new or has been assigned a new use, has a context. A clear urban planning vision ensures that buildings properly fit their surroundings, even before initial sketches appear on paper.

We have completed a wide array of projects over the years, in both historic city centres and new locations such as Zuidas and Westelijke Tuinsteden in Amsterdam. In all of these projects, an initial analysis of the context formed the starting point.

The vision to be developed is determined by the history of the site as well as the preconditions imposed by the local authority and government. However, such preconditions are not always set. Sometimes it is necessary to draw up a masterplan and to formulate preconditions yourself, thereby contributing towards the process of urban renewal.

By integrating vision, environmental factors and spatial design, we develop a sense of freedom through an architectural quality that addresses the city, the street, and the interior.