Who we are

Dam & Partners Architecten is an Amsterdam-based architectural firm, founded in 1962 by Cees Dam, later accompanied by his son Diederik Dam. They complement each other: the father is the artist, the dreamer, the son keeps the overview, is more practical. The firm comprises an international team of 35 creative professionals, committed to creating architecture of the highest quality, marked by site-specific plans that combine traditional craftsmanship with the newest technologies.

The firm has a studio culture, which encourages employees to develop to their full potential not only in the architectural field but also in related disciplines (art, music, fashion), and social and economic aspects. This openness contributes to the firm’s unique way of combining a professional orientation with a high degree of creativity and the widest possible latitude for research, analysis and concept development.

"I see it as a compliment if someone tells us that we do not have a clear style. We want to make things where people can feel happy, have opportunities to evolve. The buildings we create exude a certain warmth, feel pleasant. This way you make a contribution to people’s personal experiences, individually as well as communally. I think this is the major motivating factor and this is the style we have – a style that is much more interesting than a recognizable signature." – Cees Dam

What we do

Context and collaboration are the driving forces for our projects. We believe that the best results stem from an ongoing dialogue with all stakeholders. With our clients as our partners, we approach each project as a unique challenge, seeing it as our duty and mission to be involved for the entire scope. The design process is very different from project to project, and starts with you at the table. We ask questions to obtain a thorough understanding of our clients’ goals and needs, to discover a project’s full potential. Then we explore and design inventive solutions to complex projects, applying our extensive knowledge and experience, both technical and visionary, honed over nearly six decades and hundreds of projects. This has led us to design a wide variety of spaces, differing in both nature and scale; from complex urban developments, high-rises, transformation projects, theatres and town halls to private houses, interiors and furniture. 

"Architecture remains a continuous adventure – you might even say a jungle – which you enter hand in hand with your client." - Diederik Dam

Why we do it

Our projects are driven by the ambition to create architecture that serves people. At the same time, we want to elicit delight and amazement. We believe that successful buildings are ones that provide room for personal expression and interpretation, a flexibility that lends the user the freedom to use and perceive the space according to their own needs and insights. At its heart lies bringing inspiration through quality, and comfort in design, to create a richness of space so that people always feel comfortable. Comfort cannot be expressed in measurable units; it is a subtle interplay of space, materials, light, sounds and smells that is perceived as pleasant. Achieving comfort demands an ongoing investment in actually looking; not only at people and architecture, but also at art, theatre and ballet. 


who we are looking for

We encourage our employees to explore their interests beyond architecture, whether it’s in art, music, fashion, or other related disciplines. Our studio culture emphasizes continual learning and encourages employees to reach their full potential, both professionally and personally.

As a member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals in a collaborative environment that fosters growth and development. Our projects range from complex urban developments and high-rises to private residences and interiors, offering a wide variety of opportunities to showcase your skills and creativity.

If you’re ready to join a dynamic team that is dedicated to creating architecture of the highest quality, we invite you to explore our careers page.