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The interior is the space in which people experience the most direct, somatic connection to the built environment. It is like a large raincoat with a smooth outer surface and a soft lining that caresses the skin, fastened shut with a zipper or a row of metal buttons. In the same way, the architectural materials of the interior are varied and rich in texture, ranging from soft to hard, from warm to cold, from dull to lustrous.

In short, an interior can combine different worlds in an astonishing and breath-taking way. In some places they collide, while elsewhere the transition is more gradual. It is never sufficient to deal with each space independently. On the contrary, the intricacy of interior design lies in the integration of the spaces an in the contrast between experiential worlds.

Low-Carbon, Timber Office Pavillion

A Contemporary addition for the arts

Sustainable Retreat & Guesthouses

Co-Living for Families

Urban living on former Docklands

Creative hub

Mix-use cluster on the Amstel

A green heart at height

Timber High-Rise

Sustainable Research Laboratories

Connecting life & work

Green Living

Elevated living

Elegant, Residential Composition

Life Science & Technology Configuration

Timber Pavillion

A cultural link between park & city

sculpted high end offices and short-stay

scenic residential ensemble

flagship for sustainable and innovative offices

residential tower on the quay

blend of interior and exterior

transparant office addition and interior design