We are aware of the responsibility that the architect bears for the world of tomorrow. For our designs do not only influence the built environment but also the wellbeing of their users. We aim to create buildings that have a timeless quality so they can serve many generations to come whilst remaining fitting in their ever-evolving urban context. Therefore, good architecture should stand out and have its own identity without imposing itself on the viewer.

Whether it is a transformation or new construction, a building always has a context. A good integration and connection to the urban environment therefore requires an urban development vision, even before the first sketches of the building itself are put on paper. Dam & Partners Architecten has completed many projects over the years, both in historic locations as well as new development zones such as the Zuidas in Amsterdam and the Kop van Zuid in Rotterdam. Always based on an initial analysis of the context. By integrating vision, environmental factors and spatial design, Dam & Partners Architecten increases the quality of life at the level of the city, the street and the interior.

Through our designs, we have the opportunity to contribute to people’s happiness and wellbeing. Although it is not the case at the moment, we believe that everyone should have access to a proper and affordable living space. Therefore, we always commit to making affordable housing without compromising on quality. The majority of our residential projects contains a mixed program of social housing, medium-priced rental properties and private sector housing to bring a diverse group of people together in the same environment. With this, it is our responsibility to ensure that the social housing units are not perceived any less than private sector housing in terms of quality and aesthetics.

We do so to make buildings that people identify with and that they are proud to create a shared sense of community. A prime example of this is the clubhouse we designed for RFC Rugbyclub Haarlem. In close collaboration with a dedicated participation group, a new club house was created that represents the values and camaraderie of the sport. The result is space for a community to flourish in and feel proud of.

Other Values