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Breaking ground in Leiden-Zuidwest with BLEI – a new era in urban living begins!

An harmonious blend of nature and architecture
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Thrilled to announce the ground-breaking of BLEI in Leiden-Zuidwest, a project set to redefine urban living!

Formerly known as Scal, this project will evolve into a vibrant complex with 128 new apartments adorned with green roofs, balconies and patios, forming a microecosystem.

“Fantastic to see the start of construction. Immo Selekt, our valued client, deserves credit for their unwavering dedication. It takes time, love and attention to bring a vision to life. How fitting then that Breure’s grandchildren, representing the third generation, were able to immortalize their handprints in concrete. Our firm, Dam & Partners Architects, also embraces a tradition that spans multiple generations, and we are proud to uphold it. We wish the builders, Boele van Eesteren and du Prie, every success.” – our leading architect, Diederik Dam.

Spanning 1,875 square meters, the inner courtyard will be a haven for birds, nests, insect hotels, bee bricks, and a variety of plant species, providing space for nature to thrive. We look forward to witnessing BLEI flourish and leave a lasting impact on the landscape of Leiden-Zuidwest.

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