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residential, commercial


BLEI offers a diverse living experience for 128 households, ranging from ground-floor living units near the garden to loft apartments with panoramic city views. The design ethos embodies both modernity and resilience, integrating harmoniously with its surroundings and sustaining itself in the midst of future development in the neighbourhood. The terraced design not only harmonizes with the area’s architectural landscape, but also creates rooftop terraces and ensures that each home, while similar in size, has unique orientations and character.

Sustainability is at the forefront of BLEI’s vision, with a focus on minimizing environmental impact and ensuring longevity. From top quality insulation to gas-free living and rainwater gardens, every aspect is made with the future in mind. Moreover, BLEI remains committed to providing premium and affordable housing without compromising on comfort, quality or sustainability.

As a beacon of modern living and environmental concern, BLEI sets a new standard for urban development and embodies a commitment to community, sustainability and enduring architectural excellence.

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