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Studio Boekman

Designed by Cees Dam the National Opera & Ballet was constructed in 1986 as an integral part with the town hall of the city. Following the full scale renovation of the foyers of the main hall in 2018, Studio Boekman now emerges as its young and vibrant counterpart.

Inserted into the original fabric of the opera complex and part of the revitalised entrance sequence, the design harmonizes its materialization with the main hall. Similar to the main hall, Studio Boekman is clad in clear-coated blue steel. The steel is divided by a square LED grid that pays homage to the original facade distribution. The rectangular volume of the hall occupies a significant space within the open foyer. Iconic costumes from the National Opera & Ballet’s own collection are displayed in floor-to-ceiling showcases, highlighting the venue’s rich history, next to an oversized LED screen featuring past and upcoming productions.

A mirror clad bar set on a circular wooden floor of walnut creates a cozy café amidst predominantly gray earth tones. Uniform planters and light fixtures establish an intimate atmosphere within the open space. The new hall is designed with a continuous aubergine-coloured wooden floor that connects the audience with the performers. The retractable seating allows for flexible configurations, making it suitable for various events and, most importantly, for hosting experimental programming.

Studio Boekman aligns itself with the rest of the building but establishes its own funky identity through programming, shapes and atmosphere.

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