Holy Communion Table and Glassware




Predikfonds of the Vereenigde Doopsgezinde Gemeente Haarlem







In collaboration with: Gert Bullee, Master Glassblower Royal Leerdam Crystal
Photos: Michel Claus

Holy Communion Table and Glassware

Cees Dam designed a Holy Communion table with accompanying seat plan for De Grote Vermaning (Great Admonition), the seventeenth-century conventicle that is home to Haarlem’s Vereenigde Doopsgezinde Gemeente (United Mennonite Congregation). The intention was that the design of the austere, classical church of Jan de Bray (1627-1697) would express a greater sense of community, with a centrally placed table as a symbol thereof. Starting points were the architectural quality of the church, the restored, colourful Deventer rug on which the table stands, the large chandelier under which it stands and the fact that the table should last for centuries. Because the church is sometimes used for other activities, the table also had to be mobile.

The fully fold-away table is made of a combination of olive and olive ash wood. The design is based on a cloud shape that consists of large and small circles, each with an inscribed square. In collaboration with Royal Leerdam Crystal, Cees Dam also designed the matching liturgical glassware in various strong colours.

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