Kluwer Headquarters


Alphen aan de Rijn


Verenigde Continenten Vastgoed vof, Amstelveen







Photos: Luuk Kramer

Kluwer Headquarters

On the triangular north point of the Stationslocatie on the corner of Laan der Continenten and Europaplein, directly next to the railway, the Kluwer publishing company headquarters is located. The building includes several volumes on various scales and thus produces an urban silhouette that blends in with its surroundings. The complex includes four parallel main slabs in dark brickwork, a transparent restaurant space, a central hall and a tower-like volume in red brickwork. The complex in its entirety is triangular, with the highest slab, in its protruding position, prominently filling up the corner opposite the town. The extreme ends of the four main volumes are visually divided by columns shaped like white slabs. The volumes are connected to each other by transparent overhead bridges.

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