Rond de Admirant




Rond de Admirant cv, Rosmalen


1999 (phase 1), 2006 (phase 2), 2009 (phase 3)




Residential, Offices, Retail

Photos: Luuk Kramer, Mathieu van Ek

Rond de Admirant

In 1999, Dam & Partners Architects completed the restoration and alteration of the former Philips office De Admirant, which together with De Witte Dame (The White Lady) – also a monumental building from the 1920s – symbolizes the alliance between the city of Eindhoven and the industrialist Philips. Next to De Admirant, the office designed a 105m high slender residential and office tower that marks the centre of Eindhoven like a large white sculpture. The way the building is situated in its environment excludes the incidence of 90 degree angles. To actively integrate the new building and the existing volume, a single-storey glass plinth with retail was added to the restored Admirant.

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