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Well House

Dam & Partners Architecten designed one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings. With its unique timber construction, the design aims to minimize the building’s impact on the environment and maximize the (health) benefits for its users. At 86 meters tall, the tower is a striking element in the urban landscape of De Zuidas.

The slim rectangular volume is tapered towards the bottom to create more space in the public domain. The mezzanine floors and grand welcoming staircases stimulate social interactions, whilst connecting the facilities on the lower floors in a natural way that allows the spatial perception of the timber construction to be experienced both from inside as well as outside the building. The tapered shape of the lower part of the tower is mirrored in the top part. This way, the silhouette of WOODY distinguishes itself from other high-rise buildings, creating its unique identity within the urban landscape.

The 86-meter-tall structure is protected from outside influences by a highly transparant slim glass facade, making the timber construction visible during the day- and nighttime. To enhance the human scale and tactility of the material, the glass ends right above the plinth where the timber construction becomes a tangible part of the facade.

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