Courthouse Lelystad




Vastgoed Visarenddreef bv/ing Real Estate, The Hague, Dutch Government Building Agency, Directorate East, Arnhem (2001), Dutch Government Building Agency, Directorate East, Arnhem (2009).


2001, 2009 (extension)




Courthouse, Offices

Photos: Michel Claus, Rob Hoekstra

Courthouse Lelystad

The courthouse is located on the square opposite Lelystad Station, parallel to the railway line, where a number of government buildings cluster to an urban plan by West 8. The connection to the square is made through a classic, building-high arcade, the classic metaphor for a courthouse. Behind this arcade an office section and an auditorium complex are situated, separated by the main entrance that lends access to the building-high glass reception hall. The facades of the office section with its horizontal, staggering strips of windows appear rather closed, where the glass facades that surround the court rooms together with the also transparently designed library represent the public function of the building. In 2009 three bays were added to the office section, with a bay window-like glass extension over three floors for conferences as a counterpart of the glass facades of the auditorium complex.

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