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De Fred

De Fred is situated on the Fred. Roeskestraat in Amsterdam Zuid, a street that has grown from an insignificant, anonymous street to an important link between the Zuidas and the Schinkel area. The residential ensemble is positioned in a U-shape around a green courtyard, with a pond and a butterfly garden. From the main entrance on the Fred. Roeskestraat a large glass façade offers a beautiful glimpse into the garden.

The ensemble consists of various buildings of different heights. This composition provides a scale that strengthens both the size and structure of the existing buildings in the area such as Forum and the Rietveld Academy, but also contributes to the diversity and intricacy of the neighbourhood. The tallest building, on the side of the ring, offers the necessary ‘firmness’ on that side. The lower buildings on the other side fit in nicely with the lower buildings on the opposite side of the Zuider Amstelkanaal. The green north-south connections and the centrally located Hortus strengthen the leafy surroundings.

The architecture of the complex refers to cosmopolitan, urban buildings. The beige natural stone facades with the dark copper-coloured frames give the building its exclusive appearance. Strikingly large windows, which frame the Dutch sky beautifully, have been placed deep in the façade, which results in a transparent and robust image.

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