Moller Building




Fontys Hogescholen, Eindhoven







In collaboration with: Ahrend Interieur, Eindhoven (interior); Westenburgen & Raurell Design Studio, Tilburg (interior)

Moller Building

The Moller Institute (1985) was originally designed as a core building surrounded by four wings, with a courtyard on the ground floor of the central structure connecting all volumes. Already some years ago, the open courtyard was closed off and the building became one of a group of school buildings on a green square. Fontys decided to have the southern wing demolished and to raise a new volume with a central entrance on the square, leading to a restaurant and a café on the ground floor and a bistro, meeting rooms and a multifunctional room on the first floor. The entrances to these facilities are organized around a new inner court, where one also finds the reception desk and the entrance to the Moller Building. The remaining space once again accommodates teaching facilities. The shed roofs have been replaced by a straight closed roof to create extra height for, in particular, the catering facilities.

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