De Steltloper




Wonam, Amsterdam






Residential, Commercial plinth

LOLA Landscape architects, Rotterdam (landscape)
Photos: Luuk Kramer

De Steltloper

De Steltloper is a unique residential tower, located on the Ertskade in the Eastern Docklands in Amsterdam, with a wide view over the extensive waters of the IJ and the Markermeer. For these former railyards and industrial areas, urban planner Adriaan Geuze devised a densely built low-rise neighbourhood with elongated streets, interrupted by enormous ‘meteorites’. De Steltloper takes a more modest approach, following the wishes of the local residents.

The tower has been built in the water of the IJ. The power of the design lies in the sloping, slender columns of 12 meters on which the tower rests. By elevating the building, the view along the quay towards the city centre is retained. The facades are covered with champagne-coloured panels of stabilized aluminium foam with a porous structure. These panels give the building a robust appearance and at the same time a refined brilliance. The design of the openwork corner balconies and the mix of vertical and horizontal windows adds an elegant play in scale and rhythm.

The residential building has 126 apartments. On the ground floor, there is a meeting room and a waterfront café for residents and the local public. Sunken in the landscape, a parking garage for cars and bicycles has been realized. The tower occupies about a quarter of the surface of the garage. On top of the remaining surface, a new park-like public area is created, with grass, basalt boulders and various types of vegetation, designed by Lola landscape architects. A recreational pier made of accoya wood surrounds the building. The park retains water from heavy rains, contributing to the resilience of the area.

The building has district heating, uses ventilation with carbon dioxide control and has a solar installation. Thanks to these measures, among other things, the Steltloper is a climate-neutral residential building and forms a sustainable addition to the city.

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