Maarsen Groep bv, Amsterdam






offices, extended stay hotel, commercial plinth, panorama restaurant

office interior design: Powerhouse Company
construction: Hurks Bouw

photos: Sebastian van Damme
construction photo: Tom Elst


Hourglass will form a logical addition to the Zuidas and forms a natural connection between the existing Zuidas and the Knowledge Quarter of the VU university and its medical centre, the VUmc. The multifunctional character of the building complements the existing and planned functions. The shape of the building, the light stone façade and the warm materials lend Hourglass a timeless and international appeal. The monumentality – in the form of sloping natural stone facades with glass incisions, is reinforced by the positioning of the windows in the facade: standing upright for optimal reflection.

The building is inspired by the geometric artworks of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncusi and shaped – as the name suggests – like an hourglass. Diederik Dam on the hourglass shape: “The hourglass shape was originated by the vision of the use of the building. Many buildings have large atria, with little interconnection. In Hourglass one can find both small atria and floors that run all the way from facade to facade. By making the building spacious in the top and bottom and waisted in the middle, this principle is implemented, thus creating the tailored hourglass form. Form follows space.”

The building received an Award of Excellence from the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.

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