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Photos: Mathieu van Ek, Gerard van Beek for OVG


The MM25 office building, originally designed by ZZDP Architects at the end of the 1980s, has been transformed by Dam & Partners Architecten. The zeitgeist of the late eighties was well reflected in the façade design, with three image-defining materials: panels in white metal, panels in light blue enamelled glass and mirrored glass.

When transforming office buildings, is it customary that either the entire façade is renewed, or the entire façade is preserved while the interior climate installations are completely replaced. The transformation of MM25 has, however, deliberately opted for a specific part of the existing façade, from the first floor up to the seventh floor, to be sustained and improved by placing high-quality glass in the existing frames and providing only a part with a new facade. With this ‘vintage’ approach, optimum use was made of available materials and the reuse was consciously made visible.

The ground floor was given a transparent new curtain wall and a new atrium. The entrance has been increased by the addition of a large void and a central staircase to upper floors. The outdoor area around the building has been redesigned to improve the quality of the site. From the third to the seventh floor, the floors in the central part of the building have been extended by approximately 3 m. This provides a direct and open connection between the building parts, making office use per entire floor possible. The new climate installations and added (floor) constructions are performed in sight. Existing and new building components are recognizable as such.

Localization sensors and an intelligent data infrastructure form the basis for optimizing the building and allow users to personalize their workplace. By collecting data from users, the devices in the building are controlled and less energy is used. This also makes the spaces in the office building more efficient. After the transformation, MM25 achieved energy label A and a BREEAM Very Good label. From the seventh floor upwards, the facade has been completely renewed with glass from floor to ceiling. The glass was provided with a gradient screen-print pattern that gave the building a new look. The transparency of the glass with screen printing is precisely tailored to a pleasant indoor climate by optimizing the entry of solar heat. The roof on the seventh floor has been made accessible as a roof terrace. Through the transformation, MM25 has been made future-proof and it is a recognizable new image in the city of Rotterdam.

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