A green heart at height







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A green heart at height

In 1879, architect A.J. van Beek, commissioned by “Trou Moet Blycken,” a new society building on the Grote Markt in Haarlem, known as the Verweyhal. This hall is located next to the imposing St. Bavo Church, the historic Vleeshal and the charming Vishuisje, making it an iconic part of the cityscape.

Throughout its history, the Verweyhal has undergone several transformations. In 1901 it was converted into a shop and later into a savings bank. This was followed by years of catering use, museum function and periods of vacancy. As a result of these multiple changes and renovations, little of the original interior has been preserved, apart from the monumental staircase. With the arrival of a new store, the aim is to restore the original building structure, open the ground floor and make the different historical layers visible through renovation and restoration.

Haarlem is known as the least green city in the Netherlands. That is why there is a strong desire to add a public and ecological layer at this central location in the city center; a green heart at height. A spacious, open store that respects the historic architecture, as well as a transparent and intimate pavilion and green park on the roof.

A unique opportunity to experience the city of Haarlem from a completely new perspective.

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