Poort van Toorop




Wonam, Amsterdam







In collaboration with: Edward Clydesdale (interior inner garden)
Photos: Luuk Kramer

Poort van Toorop

Poort van Toorop is a residential building in the New West district of Amsterdam. This is a city district that is in full development, an interesting area because both the problems and the opportunities of the city are located here. The project is an adequate example of transformation of one of the plenty empty spaces and outdated buildings in the area, in this case an old datacentre. Something that becomes more and more relevant in the densely populated city of Amsterdam.

The building works on two scales: the individual and the communal. On the one hand, there is room for the individual, in the apartment. On the other hand, there is a sense of living together. The latter is generated by, among other things, the communal outside spaces, around which the building is surrounded as a sort of square. The architecture itself also reflects this duality. The wavy balconies on the inside of the building, inspired by the work of Jan Toorop, give a very different atmosphere than the sleek, urban architecture on the outside.

The interior design of the inner garden is an art project by Edward Clydesdale. This is an integral design of paving, seating elements, greenery and light. The concrete hill surrounded by greenery with seating areas in the inner garden should provide a surprise effect. The design reflects the light colours and wavy lines of the building , creating a connection with its architecture.

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