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Set Design Rembrandt

Eli Asser, Rembrandt was mijn buurman (Rembrandt was my next-door neighbour), 1995, pp. 124-125, scene 3:

‘The living room of the Verdoner family in Blaricum, a couple of hours earlier. A typical country house in ‘t Gooi region, anno 1910. Mattheiu bought it in ’82, and rebuilt it extensively according to the needs of a 60+ married couple of the time: all the children have left home, but father and mother are still fully socially active. He with his architecture, she with her photography.

Judith’s good taste and Matthieu’s technical skill have resulted in a perfect integration of design and liveability. Functional furniture, pleasant lighting, surprising colours. The room is divided into three sections, for eating, talking and relaxing. The latter is a snug, practically furnished audio-video space that can be separated from the living room by a sliding wall. There is a large-screen television set to the left against the back wall. To the right is the compartment for the up-to-date audio equipment. On either side there are shelves with lp’s, cd’s, videotapes etc.

Melanie – dressed in close-fitting sweater and mini skirt – has settled at a little table, sits there with a notepad in front of her in which she occasionally jots things down. She looks and listens to the video recording of a tv interview that Matthieu gave in the talk show Time out a year ago. Matthieu seemed to very at ease, completely relaxed, talking about his family background as well as his war years, and also about his current work.’

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