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The Bridge

The Bridge will be built in Amstel III: a large scale office zone in the outskirts of Amsterdam that is being redeveloped by adding a total of 5,000 homes by 2027. There will also be a large number of restaurants, shop and social facilities to transform the area in a lively and comfortable place to live. In the new urban plan for the southern part of the district, named Paasheuvel Village, the borders will be clearly demarcated by large buildings set up along large roads. Moving inward toward the centre, the district will have a more small-town feel due to the low traffic and abundance of green.

This variety in scale and function also becomes apparent in the design of The Bridge: the program consists of three volumes of different scales. Facing the road, are the medium and large-scale volumes that accommodate offices, apartments, hospitality, social amenities and sport facilities. An underground parking garage that can be connected to those of future adjacent developments, will be realized underneath the building.

The small-scale volume, which will be clad in charred wood, is strictly residential and creates a visual connection between the larger buildings and the rest of the area. The front doors of these residences are all placed on the outside of the building along a green corridor to increase the social security of the new neighbourhood.

Although each building has its unique function, identity and scale, they all correspond through rhythm, material and colour.

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