Scotch & Soda




Scotch & Soda, Amsterdam / Bots & Partners Vastgoedontwikeling B.V., Amsterdam-Zuidoost






Offices and company hall

Photos: Mathieu van Ek

Scotch & Soda

The new Scotch & Soda clothing company complex represents an unusual way to fill up a plot directly on the railway line in the extreme corner of industrial estate De President. Dam & Partners chose to stack the various functions, with the prefab concrete company hall carrying a number of offices and showrooms and a large roof garden that is also in use as a car park. The volumes on top of the hall partly protrude. The aluminium curtain walls recede a little compared to the steel construction, creating galleries around the offices and showrooms. A steel ramp placed against the hall lends access to the parking spaces and the offices, creating a wall on the Spijkerdreef side which suggests a private world inside and makes the offices higher up appear to hover.

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