Theater, music and modern art play a big role in the day to day of our practice. If you have ever paid a visit to our office in Amsterdam, this would not come as a surprise to you. Over the years, the office has become a reflection of Cees and Diederik Dam’s love for modern art. Paintings, sculptures, vases and other objects adorn each room and create an exciting and inspirational working environment. The team at Dam & Partners Architecten is also encouraged to develop their interest in visual arts and other cultural disciplines outside of work.

As society changes, so does the way people experience art and culture. We believe they should be accessible to everyone – therefore, we try to integrate visual arts or other cultural aspects in all of our projects. The purpose of the recent renovation of the Nationale Opera & Ballet was to create a more welcoming reception for their guests and benefactors and to facilitate a program apt for this day and age. We designed a new public space in a former storage room that will be used for educational sessions for children and teenagers. This allows the National Opera & Ballet to serve a more diverse and wider demographic.

Other Values