The concept of comfort is at the heart of all of our work. Comfort cannot be expressed in measurable units; it is a subtle interplay of space, materials, light, sounds and smells that is perceived as pleasant. Achieving comfort demands an ongoing investment in actually looking; not only at people and architecture, but also at art, theatre and ballet.

We do not measure the success of our projects by how much they are praised in the media or the awards they receive. To us, a project is successful when it feels pleasant to the people that use it. When we hear that years after completion people still enjoy living in our buildings or when clients tell us that their employees take pride in working at the office we designed for them, we know that we did a good job. Our projects are driven by the ambition to create architecture that serves people. At the same time, we want to elicit delight and amazement. During the design process, we focus on the feeling or emotion that the project will evoke on its future users. Although the experience of a building or space may be difficult to quantify, this is where the true value lies for the end user.

Other Values