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The redevelopment of the NDSM shipyard on the IJ in Amsterdam is well underway. The area is rapidly becoming one of the most vibrant and appreciated areas outside the city centre due to its preserved heritage being mixed with new, high quality buildings – catering to a strong sense of place and liveability.

Dam & Partners Architecten designed an ensemble of five residential buildings with commercial plinths on lot A8, located at the head of a former slipway (Helling 5), which is set to become a sloped park in the near future. The project derives the name Boegbeeld (translating to ‘Figurehead’) from its historical position right underneath the bow of the ship prior to launch.

Boegbeeld is designed to bring a more refined scale into the NDSM area, to contrast with the existing superblocks around. Yet, the five buildings boast a robust and resilient appearance, with materials reminiscent of the nautical and industrial past. Red, brown and grey colours are the prevailing tone of the buildings, all expressed through different materials and textures. Although the five volumes exist in subtle harmony, each block is granted with a high level of uniqueness and attention to detail. Additional variations exist in terms of building height, plinths, reveal depths and balconies. Familiarity and closeness is created by means of the enclosed courtyard, where the inner garden is treated as a continuous space to tie the ensemble together.

Moreover, this elevated courtyard offers residents a secondary route to their apartment, besides the formal entrance on the park side. The communal garden is accessible from the pedestrianised ms. Tarnweg, located on the back of the block. A more informal ambiance prevails here, complemented by residential uses on the ground floor. The separation between the public and private domain is permitted a more lenient nature. The project offers a rich mix of apartment types and sizes, both social housing and owner-occupied dwellings.

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