City Hall Almere




Municipality of Almere, Almeers Facilitair Bedrijf






City hall

City Hall Almere

In response to space, safety and transparency issues, the Almere town hall (Cees Dam, 1986) underwent a number of interior adjustments and acquired a substantial, 13,700m2 extension. A new curved office wing on Landdrostdreef and an office tower over the diagonal wing now reinforce the visual image of the town hall. The new office tower, a separate volume consisting of two slabs, is built on top of the existing diagonal wing. The glazed second floor houses the councillors’ and committee rooms and is the caesura between the old and the new build. The four-storey curved wing closes off the inner courtyard of the complex. This building is characterized by great transparency, thanks to the use of climatized facades giving optimum admission of daylight. A rectangular volume with large glass façades that accommodates the new reception space, the wedding room and the foyer is located beneath this wing.

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