Door fitting Memoire



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In collaboration with: Post en Eger, Rhenen

Door fitting Memoire

“The quality of the spaces in and between which we work every day has an important effect on our actions and mood, without always being aware of it. Our senses flawlessly register the sunlight that enters beautifully, the sounds muffled by thick carpets, a pleasant room temperature or the scent of wax. In our head this is translated into a feeling of comfort, pleasure or safety. The interesting alternation of cold and warm materials, the use of light or dark colours or the transition from a narrow corridor to a spacious room: everything contributes to the way in which the memory – the memoire – of a space actually sticks in our head.

The first physical introduction to a building starts at the door, on the threshold between outside and inside. In a reflex we raise our hand and grasp the door handle: often a non-descript object of metal that does what it has to do countless times every day: giving us access to the next room. Too rarely is it a jewel that reflects attention to detail, beauty and craftsmanship.

With the designs for door fittings that I made in collaboration with Post & Eger, I want to make the technology and structural ingenuity that often literally hide in these objects visible in an interesting way. For example, the pin or the square pin that usually disappears in the door but makes a door handle work, is a visible part of the design. The circle and the square determine the shape, a dual nature that is further enhanced by the execution in two shades of (gilt and chromed) metal. The intrinsic tension that characterizes this “duality” fascinates me. The radiance of the gold and chrome, the experience of the cool metal and the smooth round shape of the stool make you pause for a moment: this is not just a room, office or theatre, but a place to remember.”

Prof. Cees Dam

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