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Drive-inn snackbar

Drive-in FEBO

De Ambacht business park in Oostzaan is home to the first Drive-through location of FEBO. The design is based on the American visual culture of attraction, with large billboards screaming for attention, visible and recognisable from great distance. The billboard is glorified, inspired by Robert Venturi’s and Denise Scott Brown’s Learning from Las Vegas (1977), where they define two co-existing modes of architectural communication: ‘decorated shed’ vs. ‘duck’. In both instances the assumption is that the visible elements (‘decoration’ or ‘duck’) indicate to the viewer the function and meaning of the architectural object. Both modes of architectural communications can be found in the design of the drive-inn FEBO. With minimal means a maximum effect is created.

The floorplan follows the drive around the building, with round walls, creating a kind of carousel. The two parts of the pavilion are linked through a strong horizontal, white connection, simulating a wall. This horizontality is a metaphor for a food wall, a phenomenon that became widely known in The Netherlands through snack bar chain FEBO.

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