Mart Visser Haute Couture




Mart Visser Haute Couture, Amsterdam






Salon, Interior, Entrance

Photos: Luuk Kramer

Mart Visser Haute Couture

In 2003, couturier Mart Visser exchanged his salon on Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam for a property on the corner of Paulus Potterstraat and Van de Veldestraat. The entrance on Paulus Potterstraat has been enhanced with a frame of stone tablets, the prelude to the copper-clad walls and floor of the new vestibule. Inside, a glass pivot door lends access to the salon. Inside the salon, the copper floor narrows into a copper floor strip along the interior wall against which the designs are displayed. This ‘catwalk’ is spotlighted from the ceiling and ends at the rear mirror wall, which appears to double the interior. Plain curtains are used to divide the salon up into smaller spaces.

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