NRC Headquarters




Dijkhuis Vastgoed Management bv, Amsterdam






Offices, Commercial plinth with restaurant

In collaboration with: Architectenbureau Jaap Dijkman, Amsterdam (interior)
Photos: Luuk Kramer

NRC Headquarters

The former Option Exchange on Rokin, designed by Cees Dam in 1987, now houses the new office for NRC Handelsblad (newspaper). The ambition of the NRC was to create an evident place in the heart of city and society that showcases the daily preparation process of the newspaper, and vice versa situates its staff right in the buzz of the city. With a new transparent façade and a number of modifications to the interior, the previously self-contained building has been transformed into a translucent glass building, displaying the enterprises of NRC in the heart of Amsterdam.

The glass façades act as a large screen that provides a very direct as well as virtual look into all the activities of NRC and To allow the building and the NRC users to communicate fully with the surroundings, the new design replaces the relatively closed façades with glass panels framed in nickel-clad and charcoal-grey aluminium. The street-level facade is partially clad in beige stone. A curve in the façade at the corner of Rokin/Wijde Lombardsteeg refers to the previous cylindrical tower. The new glass façade not only allows substantial views looking both into and out of the building, but also allows daylight to stream far into the office building. The use of both clear glass (ground and first floors) and grey-tinted glass (second through sixth floors), introduces horizontal nuances in the predominantly vertical orientation of the façade.

The main entrance on Rokin provides access to the new café-restaurant as well as the conference and debate rooms on the ground floor. At the southwest corner space has been reserved for a shop with its own entrance. A terrace just outside enhances the liveliness of the building on this side. The second entrance on Nes serves as an access to the offices. The centre of the building has a large open space from the second through the fourth floors to provide communication between these floors.

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